Friday, June 21, 2013

Publicly Defending Racism. Really?

This is a Hollywood trade website but every now a then Drudge or some other right wing websites link to articles that embody the "liberal Hollywood attack" on good old Christian values like the right to call someone the N-word.

There are 300 comments from folks claiming they will "never watch The Food Network again!" and defending Deen's use of the word because "the blacks use it" and other stupid, hateful, ignorant reasons.

I get the feeling most of these folks never watched The Food Network in the first place because their dials have been stuck on FOX News since Obama was elected.

But if these crackers do follow through with their boycott the Food Networks demographics are going to rise a few IQ points.

So basically having a black President makes some folks so crazy-crazy they will publicly defend a person's racist language.

The speech is free in this country people but it is not without consequence.

Sometimes payment is deferred but the bill eventually always comes due as Ms. Deen has discovered.