Wednesday, March 23, 2011


AMBUSH COMEDY surprises America's best stand-up comedians in the finest comedy clubs with their big shot. The pressure is on, how will they perform?

Hosted by Patti Vasquez
Executive Producers: Glenn Marrichi, Kevin Cleary & Steve Marrichi
Directed & Edited by Daniel Kullman & Nicolas DeGrazia
Created by Kevin Cleary, Steve Marrichi & Patti Vasquez
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© 2011 Pooka Entertainment

Saturday, March 19, 2011

WTF is a Pooka anyway?

A Pooka is a mythical spirit creature of Celtic folklore with many legends surrounding it that cross many cultures.

It is considered a benevolent creature to those that encounter one. My main experience encountering a Pooka is the same as generations of other people. The title character of the film HARVEY, the invisible rabbit that is James Stewart's best friend is actually a Pooka.

The film was Stewart's favorite and it is one of mine too. The film itself represents well the ideals of "the dreamers" and subsequently those of us that dream and work here in Hollywood. And as this new venture was created by myself and my partners Patti Vasquez ( ) and Steve Marrichi, the Pooka and its creative spirit seemed an appropriate symbol for our efforts.

We just finished production and editing on our first TV pilot AMBUSH COMEDY and are very excited about the projects and partners we are working with like the production team we teamed up with for AMBUSH in Chicago. Also a BIG SHOUT OUT to graphic designer @bryanmarrichi for designing a company logo for us that  captures the spirit of our "spirit" so perfectly!

In the future we will have updates and previews of PookaTV and film projects here and you can follow us on Twitter @TeamPooka.

Thanks for checking in with us.
Kevin Cleary